Wacky and Wonderful Derbyshire Folk - Peak District book by Tom Bates.

Review of this local history book from the well known Derbyshire and Peak District writer and poet.

Derbyshire and the Peak District have many beautiful locations. Tom Bates has extensively researched the history of Derbyshire and the Peak District town, villages and people and has produced this book.

Image: Peak District, Derbyshire hills (from Alport Heights, Bleaklow in the distance)with walkers. You are on the site of Tom Bates, writer of local history of Derbyshire towns and villages, and Derbyshire (Peak District) poet.

Tom Bates, Derbyshire Author, Writer and Poet

Wacky and Wonderful Derbyshire Folk - Peak District book by Tom Bates. ...

Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Derbyshire Folk! -Tom Bates Latest Book Out For Christmas! Order now!

Following the November publishing of 'Northern Derbyshire - Snapshots in Time', Tom Bates' prolific output continues with another book from New Age Poetry Press due to be published in time for Christmas!

'Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Derbyshire Folk!' (ISBN 0952210843) is described on the title page as "A Book of Tributes" and in the Introduction the author writes:

"In the pursuit of writing potted biographies for magazines and newspapers, I have interviewed some well-known Derbyshire celebrities over the years - and spent long hours in the local studies library researching famous and infamous ones from the past! Many of these potted biographies have been previously published in magazines and newspapers; the unedited versions, some of which have been either updated or otherwise re-written, are collected together here for the first time in book form. My selection criteria is simple: - my intention in producing this book is to pay a personal tribute to some of those who, either by their hair-brained insanity, courageous and adventurous spirit, or pure talent and tenacity, have defied the odds and impressed me sufficiently to warrant inclusion.

They will certainly impress the reader!"

Published by New Age Poetry Press of Chesterfield, the book is available NOW from reblee.tom@gmail.com


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